San Diego is the breeding ground for healthcare tech startups in the US. The recent pandemic is a crucial period for many healthcare startups in San Diego due to an urgent need for innovation. The same reason helped more than 60 startups in San Diego receive a $933 million venture capital. 

Most importantly, it is the fusion of healthcare research and innovation in technology that has been the center of attraction for many venture capitalists. Here, we are going to discuss six such innovative startups and the technology behind their successful startup. But, before we do that, let’s understand the healthcare sector of San Diego in brief. 

The State of Healthcare Industry in San Diego.

San Diego is the US’s healthcare hub, and it has seen giant leaps in the life science sector with $4.6 billion in grants from the National Institute of Health in 2019. This year it has been more relevant than ever; as the entire country is battling the COVID19 outbreak, San Diego has been at the forefront of healthcare innovations. 2019 saw the healthcare industry contributing a whopping $41.3 billion in San Diego county’s economic growth. 

In the present scenario, the life science sector in San Diego is focused on innovations to reduce the COVID19 outbreak. Take an example of the wearable product manufacturer Oura that has partnered with the University of California to track temperatures, heart rate, and other medical workers’ health metrics. Many other healthcare startups help the local authorities track, test, and diagnose COVID19 symptoms through innovations. 

Some of them are discussed here with a comprehensive take on their technological advancements. 

#1. CueHealth

CueHealth is a San Diego-based startup developing a portable testing device that can detect influenza A and B. But, most importantly, this device can diagnose COVID19. The healthcare tech startup is the first in San Diego to have landed a $480 million contract with U.S. HHS.

The healthcare startup focuses on developing medical testing and diagnostic devices. Based in San Diego, CueHealth has developed a testing prototype for COVID19 that is now permitted for emergency use and is expected to deliver about 100,000 test kits. 

CueJealth testing kits come with a test sample wand that uses molecular technology. A patient can test the sample at home, and results are delivered on the CueHealth app within 20 minutes. Here, the Internet of Things(IoT) based technology is used to deliver results rapidly. The fusion of healthcare innovation and mobile technology helps CueHealth deliver faster results.

Apart from the innovation on the medical side, CueHealth has to work on mobile app development. The Johnson and Johnson backed startup will need excellent frontend capabilities for their app to enable patients access to medical records quite easily. Apart from the front end, the app’s backend will also be essential as the amount of data will be huge. 

But, the most vital part of this technology remains to be the API or Application Programming Interface. As the entire setup will be IoT based, they will need APIs to record, validate, and authorize data exchange. 

#2. Sotera Wireless

Sotera Wireless is a San Diego-based startup dedicated to the development of patient monitoring systems. It uses modern wearable technology fused with healthcare innovation to create a remote patient monitoring system. The company has developed a ViSi Mobile patient monitoring system that does not require extensive devices to measure temperature, heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, and other essential vitals.

It is a part of the patient monitoring market set to rise to $26.2 billion by 2022. From almost going bankrupt in 2016, the startup is slowly gaining momentum in 2020, and the recent pandemic has helped them. Apart from the fact that their patient monitoring systems have been very successful with critical illness patients, Sotera Wireless has been outstanding with technologies like the cloud.

The firm uses a cloud-based e-learning platform for all its customers and healthcare providers to train the Visi mobile system basics. 

#3. StatRad

StatRad is a pioneer of teleradiology services. It is one of the first in San Diego to offer a cloud-based platform to facilitate radiology exchange services. RadConnect is an image sharing and teleradiology cloud service that is not limited to San Diego but is operational worldwide. Take an example of the Tenwek hospital in rural Kenya that uses RadConnect for healthcare and radiological consulting with experts worldwide. 

StatRad is an excellent example of using cloud technology to facilitate healthcare consulting services mending hospitals and patients’ demographic boundaries. StatRad is now known as NucleusHealth and develops advanced teleradiology solutions for radiologists. The healthcare tech startup is operational across 450 hospitals across the US, apart from its headquarters in San Diego.

#4. MedVantx

MedVantx is a pharma-based startup that offers direct-to-patient medicines through an eCommerce model. The healthcare startup from San Diego is licensed in 50 states to handle prescriptions of $7.5 billion per year. However, the startup needs to get an up-gradation to modern technology like mobile.

MedVantx has the potential to grow with an on-demand pharmacy model executed. This is because the current delivery timings are about 10-15 days, which is too much, considering that on-demand giants like Amazon are looking to enter the pharma industry with on-demand solutions. 

#5. Dexcom

Dexcom is a healthcare tech startup from San Diego that has revolutionized diabetes care. San Diego County has over 55% of the population dealing with obesity, leading to diabetes, and about 6.5% already diagnosed with diabetes, according to a survey back in 2014. The company has been developing technologies to help patients monitor glucose levels. 

Dexcom has seen an enormous surge amidst COVID19 in terms of customers as it is considered one of the comorbidities. According to a report by the San Diego County authorities, about 96% of COVID deaths were related to comorbidities, and 31% of these patients had diabetes. So, you can understand the need for a glucometer that can be continuously monitored. 

Dexcom has brought a feasible solution for continuous glucose monitoring. The wearable technology from a healthcare startup monitors glucose levels just under the human body’s skin and transmits its mobile app results. The mobile app has a simple user interface for patients to have glucose readings accessible easily.

Another great feature of the Dexcom Clarity app is that patients can directly send their glucose reports to clinics with their Clarity account linked with the users. You can even create a pdf of the information and print it for your records. The app has a dedicated database to provide reports from different timelines. You can select the date, month, or week for which you want your glucose readings. 

#6. NuVasive

NuVasive is a healthcare tech startup that launched “Pulse,”- An integrated platform for spine surgeons to co-ordinate surgeries. It is a first of its kind software platform where surgeons can track every phase of surgery couples with the NuVasive devices to operate efficiently.

As you can see, the surgeons can easily select operation procedures from multiple tabs on the interface, monitor real-time imaging, co-ordinate the procedure, and even collaborate with consulting physicians. 

NuVasive is a leader in spine surgical devices and biomedical innovations. It has created software solutions fused with implantable hardware, surgical instruments, magnetic adjustable implant systems, and imaging equipment. The startup from San Diego has more than a billion of net sales in the healthcare sector, with operations spanning over 50 countries. 


From spine surgeries to glucose detection and even rapid testing of COVID19, San Diego startups are revolutionizing healthcare technology. Apart from the considerable venture capital they have amassed amidst COVID19, these healthcare tech startups are phenomenal in technology. 

So, if you are a healthcare startup looking to make clinical advancement more accessible to patients, all you need is the right app development company in San Diego. With such a technology partner, scaling your healthcare solution will become easier.