San Diego is best known for its beaches, craft beer, biotech, and Qualcomm, but there's something brewing here besides double IPAs. The tech ecosystem of San Diego has grown in geometric progression especially in the last decade. Be it an established tech giant like Qualcomm or a start-up, the region is on the rise beyond doubt and rightly so. There are many startups and businesses that want to develop a mobile app for their business.   

With a mobile app for your business, you can grow and expand irrespective of the industry that you belong to or serve. In this age of digitization, your business needs to reach out to a maximum number of people to ensure rapid expansion.  

Since the mobile app development is a tedious process, many businesses and entrepreneurs look for the best-fit app development agency in San Diego to outsource the development work. Whether you have the technical know-how, there can be circumstances that can burn you out if the app development partner does not understand your point of view.

Here are some of the most important points that you should consider while selecting the right app developer for your kind of business or services. 

Shortlisting the Players

This is mostly for new entrants/ entrepreneurs who have just ventured into the market. Enlisting the companies who are working in the field of mobile app development in your vicinity is the foot forward. Peer references and recommendations are also one of the best options you can explore. In fact, nothing could be greater if you can fetch an app developer who already shares a business relationship with one of your peers.

Business directories like Clutch can also come handy.

Once you’ve shortlisted the number of app development companies in San Diego based on your own research and peer recommendations, what follows next is finalizing the right company. Further points will help you identify the right app development partner according to your needs.

1. Verify for portfolio and client testimonials

This is important as you would not like to get bluffed by a developer. Beware, there could be ponzi entities who set up overnight with fraudulent intentions.

It becomes imperative for you to have a thorough verification of the claimed client portfolio of the app developer. Any discrepancy arising thereof should be sorted out amicably.

Your search for finding the right developer should also include reviews from various online platforms.  

Do not hesitate, to contact the clients personally and ask them about their experience of working with this developer. Understand all the nitty-gritty before you enter into any kind of agreement.

2. Select one that matches your requirements

Before you evaluate the expertise of the development agency, first you should decide which type of mobile application you want to build. There are three types of mobile apps- Native, Hybrid and Mobile web apps.

First see, if they have built apps for a similar industry which you want to target. If you are into the business of food delivery, then appointing an app developer that has expertise in gaming mobile applications might not be feasible. Choosing an experienced software developer with who you can discuss your needs, will save you from getting sleepless nights.

3. Look for technical expertise

While you are hunting for the most suitable mobile app development partner, you will come across many players who would boast of having experience in many programming languages. It is important for you to dig deeper into the specific technical details to confirm that the app development partner has the required experience with respect to your target technology.

The task is simple. All you need to do is identify the right technology and the development partner that possesses expertise in that technology. Determine the top 3 technical skills your software requires and set them as top priorities in your outsourcing criteria. Also, you should look whether the developers are aware of upcoming mobile app development trends to cope with the current market demand.

Simply, the technology on which you want to build the app should not be a pilot project for your app development partner.

4. Decide pricing structure according to your project

For a start-up, budget is a constraint, hence it is important to choose the correct pricing model. Also, you should estimate the approximate mobile app development cost before you finalize the pricing model. Though theoretically the fixed price model works and you are indemnified against any milestone failure on the part of your app development partner by withholding payment.  

When the app development company is paid monthly for their work, where tasks will be performed in sprints using Agile methodology; the features and functions that you need are delivered to you on priority.

One of the best pricing approaches is the shared risk-reward model wherein flat rates are offered initially that increases gradually as goals are accomplished. Yes, there are risks involved in this, but it goes a long way in making a near perfect app and a long-lasting business relationship with your app development partner.

5. Choose the right development methodology 

Yes! Last but not least- the development methodology to be adopted should be discussed on the table between the developer and the client. There should be clarity over what is expected at both ends.  

Since the Waterfall methodology is an obsolete one and did not improvise with the demand for flexibility, app development companies have adopted Agile development models based on the 12 principles of the Agile manifesto.  

It ensures daily stand-ups and sprints over project development. Be it long or short term, Agile methodology can collaborate and provide quicker results.


The above chronology is a must follow if you really want to find a professional app developer in San Diego that would help in furthering your business and/or service that you intend to provide.  

Especially the dots between the choice of technology and the development partner’s hands-on experience in working in that technology are matters where the maximum attention needs to be paid.