Are you desperately searching for ways that can help your business by reducing mobile app development cost? Being a startup or an entrepreneur, are you ready to dive into the landscape of a highly competitive market of mobile app development? But, you might have stuck due to the high cost of mobile app development. Well, developing a mobile app is not other than a matter of hefty bucks.

Before moving ahead, we’ve decided to tell you a bit more about the data, which embraces the mobile application development cost in the United States and Canada. According to the report from Statista, “In 2017, the median amount charged by mobile app development companies for major platforms, including machine learning, UI/UX, iOS, Android. The median cost for iOS & Android was 95 U.S dollars per hour.”

On top of that, the cost of mobile app development for iOS & Android was high. However, this data is two years old, but we can use it to show that the structure of the cost of mobile app development in the United States and Canada. Still, the cost of mobile application development for iOS and platforms goes up.

If you are looking up the ways to reduce the app development cost, we come up with a few basic yet powerful tips. So, if you would stick with such tips, the app development cost will much reduce. Let’s dive right in.

6 tips to reduce mobile app development cost

1. Release an MVP to Get Instant Feedback

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is one of the highly recommended and reasonable solutions by elite mobile app developers. This is because it is highly reasonable to launch the first version of your product i.e. app. All you just need to implement the core idea with minimal functionality. For a later date, you can leave the development of secondary features once to know the performance of your mobile application.

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This technique will help you to evaluate the market demand for your app. Also, you can also determine whether users are willing to pay for the app or not.

2. Go With The Readymade Solutions

Well, there is no need to reinvent the things if you can use readymade solutions. This is one of the most powerful tips, which can help you to lessen the mobile app development cost. However, starting things from scratch may cost you hefty bucks. Rather than developing your own features and functionalities, for example, push notifications, you can use third-party push notifications plugin like Pushover for iOS and Android.

Additionally, there are a number of third-party WaaS (Whatever as a Service) providers, which offer ready-to-use solutions, from SaaS (Software as a Service) to BaaS (BAckup as a Service),  for a monthly subscription fee or free of cost. However, mapping and payment services are the most popular ones.

As a startup or entrepreneur, if you are looking for third-party plug-ins, you can use Google Cloud Platforms, which will provide backend services like sharing and processing data from the multiple users, sending notifications and messages, user authentication, and synchronizing data across devices.  

For in-app messaging, there is also a white-label solution for it. You just don’t need to create it from scratch. The third-party plug-in, SendBird, provides a plug-in for in-app chats.

If you would work with the experienced mobile app development team, then they already know what & how solutions can be used and to what extent.

All top of it. All you just need to use the readymade solutions, which can help you to reduce app development cost and time as well.

3. Make a Thorough Document of Requirements

The other important tip, which you need to stick with is to make a thorough document of requirements. Defining your mobile app requirements with a detailed document can help to take your business to the next level. Well, there is any lack of making a document of requirements can lead you to hefty bucks of mobile app development. This is due to the fact that there must be inconsistencies between business needs and the development team.

Furthermore, the detailed document also gives a clear picture of the development team about the requirements of your business. So, if you do not want to the delay of your projects, it is important to stick with it in order to spend huge bucks on the mobile app development.

To precise with the requirements can help save your bucks and time as well. And, the hired team will be consistent throughout the entire process during mobile app development.

4. Go With The ‘Cross-Platform Development’

Choosing the cross-platform can be a great cost saver to cut the cost of mobile app development. Cross-platform development can work in the following cases:

  • If it does not require any hardware integration
  • If the app is not complicated
  • If it does not embrace native interfaces

If your mobile app does not meet the above conditions, then the chances are the performance of your app may get affected.

Furthermore, if you may still have doubts, then you may ask the following questions to the mobile app development team:

  • For my mobile application, should I go with the cross-platform ability?
  • Will my app suffer, if I implement cross-platform ability?

If the chances are in your favor, then there is nothing that can save you thousands of bucks in mobile app development. If you want to build mobile apps for both Android and iOS then you can choose a hybrid app development approach. Here you can know the difference between native, hybrid and mobile web apps.

5. Embrace The 'Agile Methodology'

The iterative approach is also known as the agile methodology in mobile app development is one of the methods to lessen the cost of mobile app development. Other than the agile methodology, the one-by-one feature is tested before release, it is found that the traditional method is tedious, exhausting and impractical. However, agile methodology gives well-planned strategic iterations. The agile method allows to develop a mobile app in stages, then there is enough time to make necessary changes on time, saving resources and unwanted consequences.

If the mobile development would happen in stages, then you can successfully save huge money and time on mobile apps development process.

6. Are You Going to Hire a Mobile App Development Team or Freelance App Developer?

One of the core tips is to do not compromise the quality as in you need to save on the development process, but don’t miss to spend on developers.

If you are in a very tight budget, then hiring a freelance mobile app developer is the way to go. Freelancers can help you to launch the app, but you will be missed some important parts like testing, optimization, and overall quality.

Hiring the cheapest mobile app development agency is definitely not at all cost-saving idea. If you opt for the cheapest or low-cost mobile app development agency, the chances are they do not have any well-established business process, and your project or app may be a victim of it.

On the other hand, if you choose a reputed & professional mobile app development company San Diego, then you’ll get the entire team of professional developers, testers, and app optimization team. In short, you will get the overall package. By hiring like this, you’ll not feel any hurdle in the complete process of mobile app development.

To prevent this, the only solution is to either you need to hire a professional mobile app development or elite full stack developer in order to get the highest quality and save a huge cost.

Summing it Up

You’ve just gone through with a few important techniques which will help you to reduce the cost of mobile app development to a certain extent. If you are having an app idea or confusion regarding app development cost, then you can discuss with us. We are a leading app development company in San Diego.